Pet Services

Happy Paws Unleashed offers a wide variety of services, including Doggy Daycare, 1-on-1 Training, Full-Service Grooming, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Self-Service Dog Washes, and Pet Boarding in our brand-new boarding facility, Happy Paws Hotel!

The Boutique at Happy Paws Unleashed is filled with a variety of specialty treats, toys, and pet care products including many Made in Maine products.

We currently offer:

We encourage you to stop by our facility and say “hi” (or “woof!”) any time! Visit our friendly Front Desk Attendants for in-person answers to any questions you may have, use one of our Self-Wash stations and give your dog a little freshen, get an on-the-go nail trim from one of our groomers, or find an absolutely paw-fect gift for your four-legged friend! Whatever your needs, Happy Paws Unleashed has got you covered!