Bow-Wows & Testimonials

“I wanted to tell you again how nice the staff is – it’s great to know Sully is at a place where he can have fun and play, and I don’t need to worry about him. :)”
– Erin Cunningham

“Thank you so much for the helpful training for Hazel and us. We appreciated your positive reinforcement both with her and us.”
– Roxanne Williams

“I really appreciate the extra attention and advice. Great class!”
– David McCall

“Instructions are clear; never too many students; teacher has a clear lesson plan; corrects dogs and owners in a positive way; always leaves time for questions. Loved the class.”
– Karin Dillman

“Robin is outstanding! I particularly liked learning about why my dog acted the way he did. It’s so great to learn dog language!”
– Liz Doucette

” Enjoyed the class! Learned lots of techniques for working with my rather fearful chihuahuas. It helped them get more socialized with dogs outside the family gang. It is noticeable in public.”
– Lynda DeHaan

“I just wanted to say thank you to Taylor and the rest of the crew there for being so accommodating with us last weekend and in the past few weeks. It has given us some peace of mind while working with Cabo through this tough time. Taylor did a great job with the dogs Sunday and Sunday night and we really appreciated having someone there to take care of Cabo. He wouldn’t have had that at a kennel during the night. And we appreciated that he was willing to hang out a bit in the morning until we could get home. After Taylor left, Cabo had 5 more seizures for a total of 8 during about 15 hours. but has been seizure free for a few days. It will take a while to get his meds right. Thanks again!”
– Lisa & Kent