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We’re here to help meet all of your training needs! We have professional dog trainers on staff ready to work with you and your dog. If you have questions about your dog’s behavior, we have solutions! Happy Paws Unleashed is happy to accomodate with evaluations, long-term training plans, short-term training, private & group classes, and our most popular program which combines daycare plus training.

Training Academy Package:

  • 6-Day Pass Package (Includes Full Day Daycare coverage and Training Academy Session): $380
  • Daycare Add-On: $35 per session

Training Academy at our Doggy Daycare covers basic obedience and behavior modification for dogs of all ages. While newly enrolled puppies are the perfect candidates for this program, we always encourage growth and development for our adult dogs as well! Our Trainers are happy to work and focus on all different abilities and needs.

Our Professional Trainers will give periods of undivided attention to your dog during their scheduled training sessions, and work on their targeted training needs. Each dog enrolled in the Training Academy program is guaranteed to receive quality one-on-one time at different points during the day, as well as a solo walk where the focus is put on reviewing the training that was previously covered that day. It may sound like a lot of work for a puppy brain, but have no fear; there is plenty of time to play and have fun with friends between training sessions!

Training Academy includes such skills as Loose Leash Walking, Place, Sit, Stay/Wait, Recall, appropriate meet and greets, gate control and so much more! Each day of Training Academy includes private time to focus and grow their skills so they can develop and excel at their own individual pace. A detailed report on the days progress and future goals will be included each day of their pass. Limited space for this course is available daily so advance reservations are requested. Training Academy includes such skills as Loose Leash Walking, Place, Sit, Stay/Wait, Recall, appropriate meet and greets, gate control and so much more! Each day of Training Academy includes private time to focus and grow their skills so they can develop and excel at their own individual pace. A detailed report on the day’s progress and future goals will be included each day of their pass. At this time, Training Academy is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Limited space for this course is available daily so advance reservations are requested.

If you think your furry, four-legged friend is a great candidate for our Doggy Daycare, please fill out the New Orientation Request Form on this page and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be in touch to schedule your Daycare Orientation!

Group Training

Training techniques are always positive reinforced reward based. Dogs are taught in such a way that they think it’s their idea to do the behavior; they are more likely to do what you ask reliably. The ultimate goal is to help you develop a working relationship with your dog where they understand what is expected of them and they follow through with the behaviors. Every person has different goals for their dogs. Our trainers will help you determine what yours are and help you achieve them.

Beginners Class

The beginner class is designed for dogs of all skill levels in Basic Obedience. Our trainers will show you how to communicate effectively with your dog so they will learn and understand the behaviors being taught. The behaviors are practiced in real life and distracting situations so your dog will be more likely to focus on you and ignore the distractions.

Behaviors taught are: loose leash walking, sit, down, leave it, drop it, stay, and come when called. Other problem behaviors discussed are: jumping on people, excessive barking, destructive behaviors, etc.

Price: $175

Advanced Class

The advanced class is for dogs that have reliable basic skills, such as those taught in the beginner class. In the advanced class, trainers will generalize and proof your dogs skills in a variety of ways to make the learned behaviors stronger and more reliable. The ultimate goal of this class is to earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title from the AKC. The curriculum is based on all ten components of the CGC test which your dog must pass in order to earn the title.

Behavioral requirements include: walking on a loose leash, accepting a friendly stranger, greeting another dog while on a walk, sit and stay, come when called, etc.

A complete list of all requirements can be found on the AKC website If you’ve ever thought of doing therapy dog work, the CGC is a great place to start. Your CGC title is proof that you have an all around well trained and that you are a responsible dog owner.

Price: $200

Behavior Specific Class – Loose Leash

Does your pup take you for a walk? Does your pup react to other dogs or distractions? Here at HPU, walking nicely on a leash is a behavior that we teach our furry clients every day! Taking your dog for a walk is supposed to be a fun, positive experience for both you and the dog. Let us show you how to use the right tool and techniques to create confidence and control so your walks can be enjoyable and safe for all! 

This is a one-time, hour-long session on a Saturday. The class will be held downstairs in our training area and consist of a limited number of clients. This class is always announced via email & social media.

Price: $35

Meet the Trainer Event

Our infamous Meet the Trainer seminar is a free event about our training options that we host every couple of months. This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with the trainers working at HPU and talk about behavior, obedience, tricks, etc. We send out email and social media notifications when our next event is on the books! Group classes always start the following weekend.

Price: FREE

Private Training

The first step for private training is to start with a free evaluation. This will help us get acquainted with your dog & their behaviors while establishing your goals & needs. From here we build an appropriate training plan customized just for you and your dog!

Private sessions are one hour in length and can be done at HPU or in the home (if necessary).

  • Private session at HPU: $100/session
  • Private session at home: $185/session
  • Sign up for 2 sessions and receive $25 off!


getting a second dog?Are you thinking of getting a second dog?

We are here to help you with any and all questions! Introducing a new dog into a home with an existing dog can be very exciting but can also come with some challenges. We would love to share with you our knowledge on the Do’s and Don’ts of introducing a new member and proven techniques to create a safe environment for everyone. Let us help step you through it! Give us a call or send us an email to speak with our certified dog trainer, Martin Neely. We are sure you and your family will love the benefits!


About Our Trainers

Martin NeelyMartin Neely,
AKC Certified Dog Trainer for CGC

Martin began studying dog training as a member of the Casco Bay dog training club throughout the 90’s. From there he went on to start a career with Petsmart as a dog training instructor. In 2007 he was promoted to the position of Area Trainer where he was responsible for training and certifying all dog trainers in the district he was assigned to. During his time as Area Trainer Martin certified with The AKC as a CGC evaluator, and is qualified to train students and administer the CGC certification test. Martin has now brought his 25+ years of experience to HPU where he looks forward to helping you with all of your training needs.

Ashley MartinAshley Martin,
Assistant Day Care Manager and Trainer

Ashley brings several years of experience with dog daycare and canine behavior to Happy Paws Unleashed. During her time working with the daycare packs, she has developed a strong interest and passion for dog training. She has spent the last few months working and learning with Martin to further her knowledge of dog training and ethology. She looks forward to continuing to learn, train and care for all the dogs who come into HPU.

Sintija CornelioSintija Cornelio,
Daycare Pack Leader & Trainer

Sintija started her canine career as a dog handler with a local breeder where she learned how to handle dogs in a pack environment. She learned how to control and direct the dogs while keeping a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere during the breeding and birthing operation of the business.

Sintija brought her dog handling knowledge to Happy Paws Unleashed where she has continually demonstrated a passion for working with dogs and an endless desire to learn everything she can. Sintija’s work ethic and skill level have been a key element in promoting her to Pack Leader in the Daycare environment. Her hard work and enthusiasm continue to be recognized and after a successful apprenticeship, Sintija has now been promoted to Dog Trainer. She studied with Martin and is working toward earning her certifications as a CGC evaluator with the AKC. Sintija is currently working with our daycare clients in our training program and will soon be leading training classes.

Brad McIntyreBrad McIntyre,
Daycare Pack Leader & Trainer

Brad comes to HPU with several years of dog training experience in the southern Maine area. He has worked with dogs at an advanced level with the goal of passing their CGC test. He brings with him the belief that no matter how old a dog is, it’s never too late to start training! Whether it’s a new puppy or an older aggressive dog, he will find their sweet spot and understand how to bring out the best in them. Brad is happy to join HPU to work alongside Martin & team with his training techniques that are consistent with the overall HPU training program.

Cody BernardCody Bernard,
Daycare Pack Leader & Trainer

Cody comes to HPU with several years of dog training experience. Offering multiple training solutions from basic obedience to reactivity as well as a variety of dog sports including agility. He is always looking forward to expanding his knowledge in dog psychology and learning new training methods. He believes that each and every dog is an individual and always trainable no matter their age or experience. After settling in as a Daycare Pack Leader, Cody joined HPU’s training team as another member with consistent techniques! He is excited to continue his growth at HPU and lead some training classes!

Denise GarnerDenise Garner,

Denise has been working with rescue and purebred dogs as a certified trainer since 2007 (Certificate in Training & Counseling, San Francisco SPCA’s Academy for Dog Trainers). Specializing in anxiety cases, she uses a holistic approach to training which combines positive reinforcement training with Tellington Ttouch, sense discovery and nutritional therapy. A happy, healthy, well-adjusted dog will bring lifelong companionship and help you to live your best life.

Available for private sessions only.

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