Self-Service Dog Wash

Self-Service Dog Wash

Is washing your dog at home a hassle? Happy Paws Unleashed offers a convenient and inexpensive solution! Our clean and spacious indoor pet salon provides you with everything you need to wash your pet without any of the messy clean-up.

Self-Service Washes and Nails Trims are currently by appointment only; please call us at (207) 725-7990 to make your appointment (last Self-Service Wash is at 3:30 P.M.)

Each Self-Service Wash includes:

  • A variety of top quality, high-end shampoos
  • Waist high tubs with restraints, cleaned and disinfected after every use
  • Clean, dry, and fluffy towels
  • Water resistant aprons
  • Perfectly warm water
  • Commercial-grade hoses and spray attachments
  • Professional dryers and attachments
  • Easy access pet stairs


  • No aching knees or back
  • No wet, smelly mess to clean
  • No clogged drains at home
  • No crate stress for your dog